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Comfortable, Functional, Empowering!
Have you been looking for sportswear that stays in place when exercising AND keeps everything else in place? — We’ve crafted a collection of high-performance athletic apparel that stays comfortable with every rep. Because all women deserve gym apparel that doesn’t rip, tear or lose its stretch during your workout!
Athlete Designed, Tested and Approved
For Her Fitness is not just any family business. We’re a family of athletes — and have been for generations. We compete in a myriad of sports, including professional acrobatics, gymnastics, pro-tramp, tumbling, yoga, dance, pilates, and more. As athletes, coaches and studio owners, we know exactly how sportswear should feel and perform. We are deeply involved in every stage of the production, personally developing and testing our products in the gym, studio and track.
Unmatched support — that never lets you down
For Her Fitness designs high performance clothing to give women of all shapes, sizes and age the confidence to love and respect their unique body. We know how important it is to feel secure in your clothes. We focus on products that doesn’t reveal too much during your workout session, so you’ll feel as great as you look.

 Our ultra soft performance materials and reinforced constructions will enhance your natural beauty without sacrificing comfort, support or durability. The performance fabrics keep its shape and color, even after tough use and numerous machine washes. It has been engineered to repel sweat and keep you cool when training hard. With every intense core workout, spin class and squat set, our sportswear will stay perfectly fitted to the contours of your body.
“Looking like a pro athlete in true athlete tested sportswear makes it easy to feel incredible in your own body. Let your inner gym hero shine in our hand stitched materials as you achieve your health and fitness goals!”
... We believe there’s always room for improvement at our store. We constantly strive to update and upgrade our products to be the best they can possibly be. If you have any comments or suggestions about our collections, we would love to hear your opinion. Your input and feedback helps us offer exceptional products to empower more amazing women.
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