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Abtonic- Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Abtonic- Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

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Hack your way to a perfect body with Abtonic

If you are struggling to get a lean body, then this is the tool for you. Abtonic is the ultimate abdominal workout trainer. The perfect tool for any skill level.

The wide wheel and ergonomic handles help you keep your form while training. The carbon steel spring offers extra resistance when pulling out to condition your muscles to the max.

Abtonic conditions the entire upper body. Bring definition and mass to your abs and muscles, use Abtonic to sculpt the body you want.


Shred the entire body- Abtonic not only conditions your abs but it tones your core and upper body muscles you have.

Accelerate your progress- The built-in springs increase the resistance when rolling out to amplify your core muscle’s growth.

Designed to sculpt you- Abtonic is stable and easy to grip. You’ll keep your form at all times to engage the right muscles.

Why Abtonic is for you- To defy your abs and increase your muscle mass you need only one tool. Abtonic sculpts your body into a muscle machine.

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