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Infrared Therapeutic Pain Relief Heat Lamps

Infrared Therapeutic Pain Relief Heat Lamps

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Amazing Heat Therapy to Relief Pain at the Comfort of Your Home!

Want to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints? An infrared physiotherapy lamp uses short-wave infrared light produced by an incandescent heat source to give deeper penetration of heat than conventional heat sources. This can enhance blood circulation, improving the transport rate of essential biochemical compounds, as well as provide pain relief and a pleasant warming effect.


  • PROFESSIONAL HEAT THERAPY: Heat therapy has been used to relieve pain, Helps advance the immune system, muscle relief, improves blood circulation, and the energy that is absorbed encourages positive emotions and strength. This lamp stimulates micro-circulation delivering high-quality oxygen and nutrients to the body. Feel like a gentle warmth within the surrounding area creating a relaxed and serene feeling.

  • ADJUSTABLE: The arm joint can be adjusted 180º longitudinally to meet your needs. When mounted to a desk or bench with the heavy-duty clamp, fine-tune the angle of the lamp with the flexible arm, convenient to adjust it to the proper height or state you want.

  • INFRARED LAMP: Get deep-penetrating far infrared rays that are soothing and calming. The invisible rays of the infrared heat lamp penetrate deep into the body, penetrating deep into muscle, bone, and tissue.

  • SAFE TO USE: A quick and easy way to target your aches and pains. Comes with a caged lamp head barring protection cap which prevents burns. Ideal for use at home or in a professional setting.

  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: Therapeutic heat lamp increases blood circulation which aids relieve muscular pain, sore muscles, arthritis, joint pains, bursitis, backache, and tennis elbow.
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