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Super Comfy Airball Pillow

Super Comfy Airball Pillow

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Feel the Difference in Sleeping & Have a Sweet Dream With Super Comfy Airball Pillow!

Want to have a deep sleep with maximum comfort and support? Super Comfy Airball Pillow can be ‘game-changing’ for you! It correctly supports your head comfortably while turning and relax the muscles of your neck. Have the deepest sleep from now!


  • BREATHABLE PILLOW: This Pillow was made after countless tests to meet the perfect balance between support and softness. The cover is specially designed with cooling, moisture-wicking, and breathable technologies so that you have a refreshing sleep every night. And it keeps your head dry while you sleep, and makes you feel refreshed when waking up. With a good sleep posture, it helps improve insomnia, sleep quality and maximize your sleep satisfaction.

  • 3D ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Height can be adjusted to the sleeping position through the 3D ergonomic design! The highly-coveted pillow eliminates virtually all stress and tension. It can effectively absorb small movements during our sleep and continue supporting our heads and proper body alignment. You will also feel comfortable when watching TV on the sofa.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Regular pillows are challenging to wash and collect dead skin and dust, which can create a perfect environment for mites and mould. But with this pillow, you can remove it easily by simply putting it in the washing machine and drying them in a well-ventilated, shaded area! Whenever your pillow gets dirty, throw it into the washing machine!

  • SAFE PILLOW: This pillow does not contain any toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, methane chloride, or PBDE and provides robust protection. All materials are chemical-free for better health. Polyester and Polyurethane materials maximize softness and cosiness, and also makes the product light and stretchy.

  • MICRO AIRBALLS: Specially coated micro air balls do not absorb water, letting air flow smoothly in between. Allows sweat and any facial waste to be released away from your skin! It is safe for eczema and sensitive skin.

  • ADJUSTABLE TO ALL POSTURE: Micro air balls perfectly fit the head and neck, for anyone, in any position. These balls allow the pillow to adjust itself to your body shape and your sleeping position.
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